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August Theme | The Start


This month’s theme will be “The Start.”

I’ll be starting law school this month in my beloved NYC.  Other friends are also starting grad school, new jobs, or moving to new cities.  After having been away from school for a few years, it’s a little anxiety-inducing, but I’m excited to start a new adventure of sorts.

Send me your submissions about the start of something to boringasfolk@gmail.com.  It could be about a trip you’ve taken, a new project you’ve started, a new person you met.

Be brave!


It is Time! Again?

By Hannah Lee.

I ironically cried in The Lion King 3D, three times. The first was during the ‘Circle of Life’ opening when I realized I’d actually paid to have my cherished childhood experience ruined. The second time was when Mufassa died, and finally, when the credits rolled and I was reminded that I’d just paid to have my cherished childhood experience ruined, I cried again.

It may sound a little overdramatic, but considering Walt Disney home videos taught me how to use the remote control from the tender age of four, watching an old favourite 17 years later in 3D did something to taint that nostalgia. I found the visual conversion distracting, the catchy musical numbers I knew all the words to suddenly looked and felt like cheap stunts and worst of all, it crushed any faith I had in modern movie magic meeting the standards of days gone by.

When I left the cinema I snapped my 3D glasses (fuck… that cost me a dollar) wondering how anyone could have let such a travesty take over our screens. Why was it necessary to convert a perfectly good 2D film into 3D? And who in their right mind, with any respect for the original film, would buy into this molestation of a classic?

Read the rest of the review here: http://thefilmkid.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/it-is-time-again/