I’ve noticed that people often have hidden creative talents or skills, and what’s more, miss using them as they get older.

As my friends and I tumbled into our twenties, it seemed as though everyone was spending more and more time working, worrying, or waiting. We were, as a result, becoming more wistful–if only we had more time to read, if only we could get back into writing, if only we could take up this or that.

Homebody Adventures is a catalog of fiction, essays, poetry, photographs, drawings, music, recipes, and whatever else our friends and readers make. These are usually the products of talents not involved in our work, but things that we dabble in, play with, or fantasize about. I wanted this to be somewhere where people could share their interests and loves without having to sweat over whether it’s “good enough.”

As such, there aren’t a lot of parameters for what you can submit: if it makes you happy for its sake or if you do it while procrastinating, then go for it. We will have monthly themes to keep it interesting, starting in February 2013. For now, just stretch your creative muscles and send whatever catches your fancy. You can use your real name or a pseudonym, and if it’s your own work, tell me, so I can tag it as “Original.”

Contributors own their own material, so don’t go using it without getting permission, and if you decide to excerpt or show someone else’s work, please give credit where it’s due.


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