Love Scene

By Hannah Lee.


With his head bowed, and his suitcase hanging limply beside him, A MAN (43) is oblivious to an incoming subway train. The rushing wind tosses his hair to one side. Coming out of his daydream, the MAN boards the carriage with other businessmen just like him – suited up, worn from the day’s work, expressionless. As the subway doors shut on the MAN,

INT. HOUSE.  NIGHT                            

a WOMAN (40) opens her front door. Her two sons run in first, fighting gleefully with plastic swords while she fights with bursting grocery bags. The boys disappear. A television set in another room turns on loudly. The WOMAN struggles into the kitchen, calling out to her boys in English, accented with an Asian twang.


John! Michael! No television before dinner.

She unloads the groceries onto the kitchen counter. The sounds of the television continue uninterrupted.


엄마 말 들어야지!

Do as I say please!

When the sound of the television is killed, a hollow silence takes its place. The WOMAN stares out into her backyard. Everything is still.




(in Korean)

여보… 이렇게 힘들 줄 알았어?

Honey… did you ever think it would be this hard?


(in Korean)


Of course I did…

INT. MAN’S APARTMENT.  NIGHT                       

An overhead light comes on automatically as The MAN enters his sparse apartment. He hangs his keys and removes his shoes with exhaustion in his bones.


나는 상상하지도 못했어. 당신 없는 거… 근데 벌써 일 년이 지나 갔네…

I couldn’t even imagine it. You not being here. But it’s already been a year.

The MAN cooks himself instant noodles for dinner, wearing a worn singlet and his business trousers. His socks look sad in rubber slippers. He eats alone, cleans up alone and then stands by his apartment window, staring out over the bright lights of Seoul.


지금 일이 많이 힘들어. 이번 여름 때 내가 시드니로 갈께. 거기 바닷가가 좋다면서…

Work is hard right now. I’ll come to Sydney in the Summer. Are the beaches as good as everyone says they are?

INT. WOMAN’S STUDY.  NIGHT                     

The WOMAN’s face is lit up by the blue of her computer screen as she speaks to the MAN over Skype. The webcam catches her childish smile as she leans in closer to the computer.


보고 싶어요.

I miss you.

INT. MAN’S STUDY.  NIGHT                       

The MAN – similarly lit by a pale light from his computer – smiles at his wife. He stares at his wife’s face on the computer screen with adoration.


많이 보고싶다…

I miss you… a lot.

INT. WOMAN’S STUDY.  NIGHT                     

The WOMAN leans in uncomfortably over her computer and kisses the eye of her webcam. The MAN does the same on her computer screen. She laughs happily at first, but a hint of exhaustion catches on the end.

EXT. SEOUL CITY.  NIGHT                    

We see Seoul’s city streets at night. Couples walk hand in hand, eating street food together, laughing together. We see a child being carried on his father’s shoulders, with his mother by their side.

                                                      FADE TO BLACK


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